The site delivers a lot of inserts for your filofax. The best part is you can get the source files and customize their designs for yourself. Since I love doing this I created a minimalistic, professional looking filofax theme for 2016. Feel free to use it for yourself!

PDF: filofax-1-day-1-page-A4-bgoetz

Source files

Word template file: filofax-1-day-1-page-A4-bgoetz

Excel data source: filofax-data-source-1-day-1-row

Some things to consider

  • The paper format is A4. If you want it in a different format you will have to modify the word file.
  • The language is german. If you want to change this you will have to modify the data source (Excel file).
  • I had trouble creating the gutter for the mirrored pages so I created it without mirror. Something on my todo list 🙂
  • You will need to install the following google fonts: Slabo 13px, Slabo 27px; You can download both from

This site explains briefly how to handle the two source files. There are also tutorial videos on (Inserts section).

I’m thinking about creating a more detailed tutorial about how to do this in Office 2013. If you are interested, just leave a comment.


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